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Thank you for replying!

How are you going to use these questions?

They will be displayed much like form elements. The user will type in the question.

Will you ever need to retrieve individual questions?

Most likely not, but it is a possibility

Are questions expected to change content and/or positions? be added or removed often (or temporarily)? Not often,

only during development or during tweaking

Are you going to have lots of questions or branches? Yes, this is highly probable down the road. Is 100-200 questions too many? Ideally the end user wont be answering that many, but there may be a lot of branches so it could add up

Is there metadata (e.g., answers or conditions about when to use) associated with individual questions? I think that’s a yes. Basically if the user is asked, for example, 1. What’s your fav kind of car? (A,B,C,D) 2. Do you like to drive them fast? (Y/N).

Then there may be a set of follow up questions based on whether the user chose, A, B, C, D per mutated with Y/N. And the appropriate question will be displayed on this.

Storing it in a DB is possible, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around what would be the best way to have it set up so I can retrieve them. Perhaps I’ll have to come up with my own mapping structure to map the questions.