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@ian.izaguirre001 – Thanks for compliment!

@Junaid_Farooq – Do you mean to change the icons on the beautiful design, creative ideas, and responsive?
What is it that makes it seem ‘unprofessional’?
Thanks for the tips with the form page – that section has been bothering me.

@JoshWhite – I designed the icons myself so any advice on to why they’re clunky or what I could change to make them appear less so? Maybe shrink them in size? Lose the circle part and just use the inside pictures?
Also, what browser are you using? I know Firefox was displaying my fonts differently. Also are you seeing the blurred opaque background the text sits on top of? Just wondering because I added that for readability and am wondering if it’s just a bug you’re getting or if it’s extra hard to read. This also may be harder to read if you are getting a thinner font than what I’m seeing on most browsers.
Thanks for the strategy tip. I think I agree with you and will rework the section to not include photography.

Did anyone notice the click events when you click the icons and thoughts on that?

Anyway, thanks for the advice so far!