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ya, I’m late answering but seems the site isn’t updated yet so… I like janet4now’s idea but you should recommend your client to maybe update their label too.
A local soap producer has the same label for all their product, a template that is just text. It doesn’t sell itself. Looking closely at the label, the oval in the center seem to all say Pure Essential Oil then the type (ex Cinnamon) if Cinnamon was 3 times the size then it would be clear. I randomly checked 5-6 bottles, they all seem to be Pure Essential Oil maybe that could be under the oval?
Hmm, after more snooping, like this one;

On another page, you have 5 Almond items… might be nice if they could be categorized somehow.

1/2 oz

2 oz

4 oz

6 oz

10 oz

good luck