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So, are you essentially asking us to do your job application?

So, please give me advice that how I could convince the client and get the job and complete successfully.

Use your own experience and expertise. That’s really the only advice I can give. I’m not gonna sit here a write up a bunch of code on how to incorporate the features the client/employer is asking for.

I just don’t understand what you’re asking for here TBH. I feel like you’ve just asked the community to do your homework. The only way you can convince the employer is by coding the work yourself based on your knowledge, if you can’t commit to what they’re asking for, this job isn’t for you.

That may sound negative and in someway harsh, but it’s true.

I’d like to understand your question a bit more in detail as to what you’re actually asking for. COde this up for you? Give you sources to relevant subjects and areas the employer has asked for?