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I think maybe what Alen was saying, is that there aren’t really any legitimate companies or websites satisfying this market. Now if someone were to make one that was the quality of, say, what Treehouse is for training on web development, it would probably eliminate the other websites very easily.

In other words, these places were mostly built around the cheapest prices, and not quality. That’s just my opinion and I’ve used a few of them. Sure, India can probably do some great work, but then there is a language barrier and some other sacrifices there. I could probably be incorrect about that in a few cases. I’ve dealt with some extremely talented individuals overseas for customer service representatives, and just recently it was an individual from India that was able to solve my issue easily.

So I think two things need to happen.

  1. Build companies in this niche that focus on quality levels, and try to make the “quality” as what is the most attractive thing on the website. Filter out the low pricing and give it less attention on the design. Explain the benefits of what a quality website and coding do for the customer. There needs to be sort of a “path” for the eyes to follow, a bit of persuasion, leading to where the quality is and how to get people to pay for that. Maybe even filtering certain or random clients through landing pages would work.

  2. Designers also need to take it up a step. Countries like India and China are getting an edge on Americans because they are very dedicated and hard working. Who wouldn’t want to pay someone who was like that? They deserve it if they are doing things right, and if they charge cheap prices for the exact same thing, it’s hard to not pick them. I’m not saying everyone overseas who is charging low prices is good, however, some of them are extremely talented. This issue really needs to be tackled at a “world level” and it’s a very political topic. I’ll leave it at that.

Best wishes!