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Thanks for the critique! The green border is to show which manufacturer has a pdf available, if you look now you will see that some are disable because they do not have a pdf. We had to implement this because our manufacturers don’t all give us their specials at one time, they may be spaced out over a month or two. As for callto, is there any advantage to using this over tel like I currently am? From what I have read, tel is a standard and supported by all mobile devices while callto is mainly used for Skype and is not a standard.

I do agree with centering the text on the back of the cards, I tried for a long time and could not get it figured out. The way I have tried (based on this pen) doesn’t work because I use a padding-bottom on my cards to make them perfectly square who knows why. Here is a stripped-down pen that I am trying to get to work to apply to my site. If anybody wants to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong, please feel free because I sure can’t.

As far as the target="_blank" goes, I have applied that now to the specials page because it links to a file instead of a website, but for the manufacturers page where it links directly to a website I am considering just leaving it alone because from a usability standpoint people may be used to using the back button instead of closing out the current window (keep in mind that many of the people who will be viewing this site may not be very technically-minded and may get confused by this). What are your thoughts on this?

Finally, I have updated the footer to my site to include an address and phone numbers as per my client’s request, but now it seems a little busy to me, or is that just me? Thanks again for your opinions and sorry for such a long post!