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John Lueders

Would love an actual designers opinion on my site.

Looks like you received a lot of feedback from first class ‘actual designers’ about your site. I am not a designer guru but here are…

My Two Cents:
1. I believe (as do others) that the font-size of 12px is too small. I am looking at your site on my MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina. My vision is ok (I wear glasses) but I am unnecessarily squinting.
2. A favicon should be added, rather than the default empty white sheet that appears…will strengthen your brand.
3. On the home page, in your slider-gallery, I wanted to click on the little circles below to slides to move/select a slide.
4. On the home page, in your slider-gallery, the second slide ‘Photography’, the hyperlinks’ font color do not appear well do to the contrast.
5. Wanted ‘AEM Design’ logo to go ‘Home’
6. In Gallery, I wanted to move through your images with navigation arrows for example.
7. Clicking on ‘Contact’ is cool…it slides down to show the form. Wanted to close it by click on ‘Contact’ again. A toggle functionality was expected.
8. The estimator on a phone looks like it needs some @media query css changes…each option should be ‘display: block’ possibly.
9. Do some soul searching about the font recommendations that you received…these guys/gals are studs…they are not blowing smoke…they are offering true authentic goodwill advice. Going back to your original reason for posting…these guys are the ‘actual designers’ whose opinions you were looking for.

Keep cranking…I think the site is good and I am sure that you will continually evolve it.

All the best.