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It’s easy to define something as boring when you have no idea what your design is trying to communicate and who your audience is. So who are you trying to reach? Who is your target market? What do they like? Are they techy people, or are they writers? etc.

Design is all about communication.

Take for example (boring?, I don’t think so)

Hello. We design engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, desktop and beyond that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.

Right of the bat they set the stage and communicate directly to the customer.

Saying Awesome Websites for Awesome people. Sure might sound catchy but how does that help you convert sales.

I think people always try to get cute. IMO, better strategy would be to talk directly to your customer and answer their concerns, fears, questions.

I don’t think design is boring. I think you just need to prioritize some of the content. How important is it to you to have your name and that statement take such huge chunk of real estate? Now, how important is it to your customer? Not so much.

Hope that helps,