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It’s always a good idea to use paste bin or whatever to showcase your code. This forum likes to chew up code when posted like that… for short snippets it’s fine if you use the Block Code! button right above the comment form.

For long form, like you posted, requires some sort of service to help us, help you.

One thing I notices is this:

In your form you have this name="email" but in your PHP code you’re referring to it as $_POST['Email']. Notice the capital E should be lowercase.

trolling on the forums wasting people’s time

Not sure why you’re so confrontational. We’re trying to help you. We could as easily ignore your request.

In fact YOU are wasting OUR time by not explaining your issue in greater detail. We are not mind readers and looking at the code you posted, we can not identify the issue.

PS. @traq is one of the members on this forum always trying to help. So the trolling statement was bit rude. And I have to give props to @traq for maintaining his cool and still trying to help you.