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It is not my intent to waste your time, nor to be rude, nor to argue about those points. I am asking what problem you are trying to solve. The reason “it doesn’t work” is not helpful is because that is already a “given” – if it did work, you wouldn’t be asking in the first place.

To explain why “not working” is not clear: How do you mean? What is the result? Are you getting blank page or other errors (and are you checking for errors)? Are you getting a success message but no email? Are you getting a blank (or garbled) email? Is the form not displaying correctly? Is it telling you there are validation errors, but there shouldn’t be? There is no way to determine any of this by looking at your code dump.

As I also mentioned, it is difficult to even check for basic errors because of how your code is displayed in the comment. (The only obvious issue there would be the empty From: header in your email; but that doesn’t mean it’s your main problem, or even necessarily a problem at all.) Making a gist or posting on pastebin (or {your favorite service} ) would make that practical.

I am perfectly willing (eager, in fact) to help people out with their problems. That’s why I frequent this forum. If you cannot “help yourself” and accept helpful advice and participate in finding answers to your question, then I will let you alone.