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Thank you again for you help in this.

I change success to

    print "EmailTo: $EmailTo<br>".
        "Subject: $Subject<br>".
        "Body: $Body<br>".
        "From: $emailFrom";

and i get a white page that says:

Notice: Undefined variable: Body in >/home/admin/public_html/bin/phpmailer.php on line 18

Notice: Undefined variable: emailFrom in >/home/admin/public_html/bin/phpmailer.php on line 48
EmailTo: [email protected]
Subject: Nice & Simple Contact Form by CSS-Tricks
Body: Name: Michael Anthony Kalmykov Email: [email protected] Message: >Test message

I’m not sure what crlf does or where to put it. Is it supposed to go in the html where the form starts?

<form id="contact_me_form" method="post" action="email.php">

or somewhere in the PHP?