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One idea would be to assign width values to your columns and set the width of your table to

<sum of visible columns> / <sum of all columns>

and the width of each column to

<value of current column> / <sum of all columns>,

Col1: 1 | Col2: 5 | Col3: 2
translates to
1/(1+5+2) = 12.5% for Col1,
5/(1+5+2) = 62.5% for Col2,
2/(1+5+2) = 25% for Col3,
(1+5+2)/(1+5+2) = 100% for the table.

When you hide Col2, this becomes
1/(1+2) = 33.3% for Col1,
2/(1+2) = 66.7% for Col3,
(1+2)/(1+5+2) = 37.5% for the table.

It should be possible (but not trivial) to do the neccessary calculations with lists and for-loops in SASS. For an introduction to lists see or
However, figuring out the algorithm to solve your problem – that will be your job ;)