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Home Forums Other Can a plugin be created by one person or is it usually done in teams? Reply To: Can a plugin be created by one person or is it usually done in teams?


This is a very vague question. You’re not going to get a useful answer from it.

Sure, “plugins” can be created by a single person. But what kind of plugin? What does it plug into? What does it do ? What makes it “good”?

And is this “single person” you ? Are you any good at writing plugins? The simple fact that you’re asking would indicate that you don’t have much (if any) experience doing it, so you should expect some difficulty because of that.

Is the downfall of a big team the fact that with each additional member added into the creation of the plugin thats less money from the plugins revenu given to each person since it has to be split?

This one has better answer: no, having to share the revenue is not the downfall of working with a team. The risks of not working well together (personally, technically, logistically, whatever) is the “downfall.” If you make and market a good product, there will be enough to go around. If it’s a pile of junk (whoever deserves the blame), then the lack of profit will just make everyone angrier.

So, pick your team well. No, there’s no “magic method” of finding good people to collaborate with. You just have to find people and get to know them.