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I’m not able to get the letter to be bold and don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Which letter exactly ?

Or did you want to bold all the text?

If so you can do that here:

.top-nav li a {
    font-weight: bold;

Of course that will make the menu too wide to fit in a 750px width so you will need to shorten the padding on each item.

.top-nav li a{padding:0 13px}

Also, the page appears to contain a lot of coding that isn’t needed for my purposes

Most of that is from the normalise.css that you are using and you don’t really need to worry about that as all the clever stuff is being done for you. Just leave it alone.

All of of the hacks are because you wanted to support older browsers and we already talked about this in detail so I don’t think we need to specifically go over it again. If you don’t need to support ie6 and 7 then you can remove the hacks. The rest of the code is actually pretty straight forward and I don’t see how it could be simpler for that design.

I also mentioned a number of times right from the start about simplifying your design to start with but you were adamant you needed your triple/quadruple borders on everything which is a pain to maintain.

In the end you just have to get your hands dirty and dig into the code. It is a matter of practising daily and not forgetting the things that you learned. It’s just like anythng else and the more you practice the easier it gets. :)