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I should’ve kept a device on iOS6 for testing, so I’ll just have to guess at the problem. I’m betting that your hidden menu is pushing the banner down the page. Perhaps try removing it and seeing if the banner displays correctly.

The problem might also stem from a few things:

1) nesting your menu in an h2. This isn’t a good way to go. h2‘s aren’t really meant to serve as container elements (as section, article, nav, div, etc. do)

2) prodigious use of !important. I would avoid !important as much as possible as it doesn’t make for easily maintainable or reuseable code, and it’s likely conflicting with other !important‘s and causing your problem.

There is a lot of value in styling the page from small sizes up and avoiding styling via id’s with !important. It might help you avoid this problem in the future. Good luck.