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Nav Bar

There is nothing particularly incorrect about having a search box &/or FB link in the bar itself, after all, it’s just a bar.

Some designers would not actually include them in a menu ul or <nav> element. Just keep them as separate elements but still within your bar…if that’s what you want to do.


One more thing, i have nav bar, icon, slideshow and search box in a side of main content, should i use <aside> to hold it? I mean aside and then < nav> structure, is it ok?

I’m not sure of the exact structure here…it depends on what this would look like.

I see no reason why the navbar, icon and search should not be in an <aside> element if that’s what you want.

I’m not so sure about the slideshow. It sort of depends on what it’s showing, how big it is and whether the slides are related to the main content.


Without seeing the images in question it’s hard to comment. You can’t MAKE plain grey images suddenly become colored without some serious coding work and new coding features that aren’t well supported.

If the grey was slightly transparent (a png file or a gif) it might be possible but, as I said, it will really depend on the image(s) in question.

If your site is online, perhaps you could let us have a link and we could take a look…we don’t bite…often. :)