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First – The gallery on the "splash" page, when you click on an image doesn’t work so great. It blows the images up and most go completely off the screen and even when I try to click on another one it moved out of the place it was before I can click it.

Once you get inside the site it is much nicer. I like the horizontal design. I’m not a fan of the vertical scroll bars for each set of content but it serves it’s purpose. The heart scroll functions for moving the page left to right needs some work. It’s so small that when I hover over it it often changes directions in the wrong way. I think it would be more intuitive to have toggles that sit on each side of the screen for the left and right.

Also instead of having a menu on each box maybe have a menu on the top or bottom that follows along with the horizontal scroll. I think you’re using up too much space in your boxes for the menu.

Also, same issue with the gallery on the horizontal scroll page. It’s really, really, really hard to use. It’s not user friendly at all.