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wufoo is a nice service.. I like what it does, I like the way it does it, I like the CMS like stuff for keeping track of form submissions over multiple sites.

It’s all very shiny and nice.

However, if I take off my "ooh shiny, must buy" goggles, really what’s left is a service for something that is easily achievable for any developer, with a ridiculous tariff on it. I mean seriously, charging with a set number of submissions? This is just nuts to me, since first and foremost it’s not something that you can exactly ration off. Especially if you have a popular site your form could get hit bigtime.

There is also the problem of it being an off-site service, maybe it goes down, maybe its slow. Topping the list of cons of with the fact they jamming the form in an iframe, which just.. doesn’t sit well with me..

No, despite how well they have built their service + site.. and they HAVE built it well.. this is pure convenience.

Brilliant service, but not worth the expense of using seriously..

I personally just spent a few hours doing some form code + styles so i could easily copy / paste some pre-made forms into new projects. I don’t have the headache of building forms from scratch and im not relying on a 3rd party service to do something horribly simple.

Just my 2 cents :geek: