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thank you so much! I suspected part of my problem was the file targeting scheme but all my attempts were vain.

Now the main part is working. thank you very much!

The dreamweaver preview is not working anymore but I guess it’s a small inconvenient since I can preview it online…

However, it seems that my image links for background in the css file are not working.

here’s a typical link in my css: background-image: url(images/architextures_logo_III_backb.jpg)

I tried a few things without success. Can you please help me with this as well.

About dreamweaver, being a neophyte in web design, I learned with it and appreciate it but I noticed everyone seems to be bashing it. Probably I shouldnt let that influence me!

So, I’m not a web designer but rather a composer and studio engineer. If anyone helping needs help with music, please PM me : )

thanks again for your help!