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"chriscoyier" wrote:
Just for the record, I stand behind my review as an accurate portrayal of my experience with them.

Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but it reads as rather slanderous as it is, since it includes no real detail. Did they promise you a deadline? How far past said deadline was it? How was the final product? Do you have links or screenshots of the vulgar status updates?

Hey Chris, thanks for the reply. I’m glad you stand by your review and you should. It was your experience that the review was based off of. Now, if I were to write a review on them it would be slightly different, to say the least.

After reading Chris’ solid review, I contacted WPCoder via their website and through their contact form. Shortly after, I was IM’d on AIM from a developer who graciously answered all my questions (a sure fire way to build a relationship and get my business, personal opinion there.) Anyhow, a few days later (July 23, July 24) we agreed upon a completion date of Aug. 3, 2009. I had a pretty big project for a wordpress based site. BUT I was promised by WPCoder Aug. 3 so I sent off the deposit. On Aug 3 I contacted them via their client section asking when I should be expecting the test site up for my inspection. I received a message back that stated: "I’m gonna try and get it all up tonight, but it looks like I’ll only have 3/4 pages done today since I’ve had a situation come up and haven’t had as much dev. time as I needed, so the complete day is looking closer to the 5th."

To which I replied: "I hate to sound like a prick about this but the deadline was set for today. I have a client who is expecting it up and complete today (8/3/09). I was not informed about your situation that came up–notification could have been sent to me earlier then on today which is the agreed upon deadline.

There is quite a bit of money involved here and I will not take this lightly. I also will not try to explain to my client that the deadline has to be moved. If I know a project is due by a certain day I have it finished for them on that day.

Let me know what you can do to get this complete today. I am beginning to feel uneasy about this company and I would hope as good business people you will do everything you can to reassure a new customer.

I’ll expect the final product no later then 8PM CST. Thank you"

To which they replied: "There’s no way for me to complete this project by then. When I agreed to the project I specified that I’d try to be done by the 3rd, but the 5th at the latest (incase something happens, like it did).

If you’re going to cancel the project please let me know so that I can halt working and get you the files as of now."

To which I replied: "There was NO communications to me (your customer) that indicated that you would "try to have it done by the Aug. 3rd but the 5th at the latest." I was NEVER presented that information.

I don’t understand how deadlines can be fluid when they were agreed upon two weeks ago. I’ve had several projects lined up for this company but will rethink that decision.

I cannot cancel the project now. Unfortuntally, it’s too late for that. I will expect to be compensated for this. I fulfilled my end of this transaction with proper communication and actions. I gave the deposit under the conditions that the project would be complete today (08/03/09). For that, I will be just paying $400.00 for this project (the deposit) in total. I do not see how this company can justify me paying the entire cost when the crucial deadline was not met and no communication was sent to inform me that the deadline needed to be set back.

I’ll be speaking with Mike about this as well.

There will be NO EXCUSES for the project not to be accessible to me on Aug. 5, 2009 by NOON Central Time."

Well, as you can begin to see there was a bit of a back and forth exchange of conversation going on. So, I had enough and contacted one of the managers directly as it was Aug. 3 and still no test site for me to review. Well, my contacting one of the manages lead me to the other manager and he was upset for me contacting him. I began to save ALL communications that occurred via AIM at this point. I would copy and paste it on this but there is ALOT of text so, if you are interested please contact me and I’ll send you the the .doc file. In those AIM conversation is where it got even more unbelievable…

As this post’s title reads: "WPCoder – Stay Away If You Are Using Them for Real Clients" it’s true, WPCoder may produce a product in the end that is more then satisfactory (you can check out the site I had done here: but not completing a service on a promised deadline is not a service I would recommend for real clients who are paying with real money. If you have a project that a deadline doesn’t matter…then by all means I suggest WPCoder.

The real point I’m trying to make here is WPCoder says they guarantee satisfaction but when I was forceful and persistent they retaliated back in such an unprofessional manner and a way I would NEVER think to speak to a PAYING client.

The twitter page of one of the developers who worked on the site here’s the link:
(I also have screen shots if it’s changed between now and when you read this post)

I’m not trying to slander or just plain [email protected]#$% about something here. I just want to make sure all available information is out their to potential WPCoder clients. I think it’s only fair to know as much as you can before you hand over that hard earned cash.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask. I have no problems clarifying. Thanks guys!