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Thanks Rob – Very kind words!

Also very true. The Skateboarding Industry is a fickle and Shallow one that is based all around image. Our boards are pressed in the same factories as many of the Top USA (and UK) brands, but unless your in that skateboarding elite, your just not ‘cool’ enough.

We have been bangin’ out videos for a LONG time now with our local guys and team riders. In feburay, PhinFilms (which is basically Team Dolphin – the original local boys who all prop up Herbal) started a ‘Monthly Edit’ chain which is still going strong and starting to gain momentum. Filmmaking is what i really love to do and the brand is the perfect platform to do that.

Anyway – it is baby-steps and I have plans to expand the product range and possibly even setup some Affiliate schemes to start getting the traffic in and making sales. As I said before, it can easily go downhill very quickly with how ‘Clickie’ the Skateboarding scene is, so each step is carefully planned!

But most of all, i have heaps of fun doing what we do. I love the Skateboarding scene, dispite its faults and wouldn’t change it for the world. :)