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Rob MacKay

I really like it – feels like a skate shop. Love the branding and the products look awesome. The use of video and social media is essential for sure, especially as skating is such a social activity in itself.

I think the problem you are probably having with sales is the fact that you aren’t selling chocolate. What I mean is personally I would never buy a board, unless I wanted to kill myself in style. Your market is limited to skaters, and ones who take it seriously enough to want to buy themselves a nice deck, so that cuts out most people right away.

If I was to say anything it would be get yourself where your market is. Do some crazy stuff and get a viral video to explode on Youtube and you will hook in a lot of skaters. I would say if you focus on building your brand and etching it into people’s minds so that when people think "I need…" they think of you along with your competitors.

I don’t know if you have seen what Blendtec have done on Youtube – but that has boosted their brand hugely… so much so that I know what Blendtec make how good the product is and how funny their videos are. I also know that if I am looking for a blender in the future – I know what to look at…

Build that awesome brand you have :) give it some time, I think you will be on to a big thing there :)