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"JoshWhiteDesign" wrote:
Is there any way to make the "add to cart" function a bit more noticeable?

The look/feel I do like alot, and the checkout process seems pretty good. But when I added a product to the cart, I half expected to get some kind of notifier, and finally noticed that the green bar on the top dropped down. It just seemed a little too subtle and may hurt sales a little. Does the plugin offer a more obvious message?

Thats a valid point actually and something that I wanted to think about fixing. The drop-down you see is an AJAX function, which is built into the software (SHOPP if your interested!). You can disable it and when a product is added, the user goes to the cart page. The actual AJAX display content is completely customisable, so there may be a way for me to make it look more obvious.

Any suggestions on how i might do this, design wise?

Thanks for the kind feedback guys!