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@Paulie_D – This is a great way of looking at it, but at the same time I’d like to help my comapny avoid terrible design which has the potential to cause some harm.

On reflection, making a design of my own would be a bad move, especially for relations between the designer and myself.

I am putting together some examples of competitor sites and sites that have a great look and feel that could support our product. I will also be clear on technical issues and make the definition between print and web design so I can speak with authority.

I am working on another project at the same time where I am responsible for the design and development, and there has been plenty of good feedback, all while remining faithful to the brand guidelines. Not only does the good feedback work in my favor, but I can also push for consistency across sites.

Thanks for all your advice – sometimes I just need to let things go and not care so much!