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Design a flat html file that you can then turn into the wordpress template. Start with header.php, index.php, and footer.php. Then, you can build most of the other templates based on your index.php.

You don’t need to worry about any of their content. The images and videos aren’t actually in the database, but in the wp-content/uploads folder with references in the database. This still doesn’t matter though, that’s the beauty of a CMS. You create the new theme, put the theme folder in the wp-content/themes folder and then go in and activate the theme.

Most likely you will get the majority of the theme finished just by converting your flat html file to the Starkers theme, but you’ll still have to do some tweaking once you put it up on the site. You can minimize the amount of tweaking you have to do by setting up another site and activating the theme there, but there’s a decent chance that you’ll still have to do a bit of tweaking once you move the theme over to where it will finally end up.