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I guess because I can’t quite harness the awesome power that is a framework, I don’t understand and can’t see the full potentialreason to use one. I’m using Hybrid now on my company’s redesign, and I’m just make my own page templates so far. using a couple functions, but thats it really. And the function was only done just to use a non submenu wp_list_pages. I know the idea is to just use the functions so you dont mess up the framework files and your own theme files when you upgrade the framework, but it seems like its even more code to write in there….

Maybe I need to look to a less intense Framework? The thing that keeps pulling me back is that all the framework websites say how "this is just so amazing, and once you get past the learning curve, you’ll never turn back" sort of thing. Well, it seems I was fairing fine without one before… Maybe the answer is just to create me own simple framework based off Starkers or something?