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I would have to say that in the long run, I tend to abandon frameworks just for the self satisfaction of knowing I coded the theme (or at least 95% of it) myself. With that said, I don’t see any reason to re-invent the wheel. Somebody was obviously kind enough to flesh out and debug something like the Hybrid Framework for contribution to the community…so why not use it? I would have to say that Frameworks are only good if you’re good enough at coding to design a theme yourself. Otherwise, they can become a crutch and limit your abilities in the long run.

So for myself, I just use frameworks when the project calls for it. I’m not too proud to admit it and I would think anybody that looks down upon frameworks is a bit elitist and perhaps hypocritical, considering at some point, you’re always using someone else’s work somewhere in the project. It would akin to telling a musician he’s not a musician for using a Jazz standard as a launching point for their inspiration to create a piece of music.

And thanks for the mention of Hybrid, I never heard of it. I’m attempting to build a very ambitious wordpress site and think this is the exact answer I’m looking for!