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Well, the word "frameworks" can be vastly interpreted… Starkers can technically be called a framework because its something to build around a pre-existing "frame." And I have quite a bit of experience working with Starkers… it wasn’t until a week ago, that I started looking into the larger, more complex "frameworks" These frameworks, like Carrington, Hybrid, and Thematic, are used as Parent themes, and have tons of hooks, widget areas, etc. Now, its learning how the framework operates, and making your own child theme starting from a barebone theme offered by relative framework, that is the learning curve. Simply because someone has said "You can take route 1-20"… With Starkers, you are pretty much told "You are at the starting point, and there are no routes.. You create your one route."

That’s the best analogy I can come up with differentiating the two. Starkers isn’t really a parent theme, although it could be technically.

Anyhow, I’ll stick with Hybrid for another week, I really only started working with it yesterday. I’m learning more about the child functions and the hooks, so now I have a better understanding of the overall possibilities.. nearly endless. The question I guess is, is that too much? And, would it be more beneficial just to continue using starkers and just create your own custom template pages and css. So far, I think I’m working in the middle… not taking a finished child theme and altering it(again, change 2-3 images and its your design? No thanks.) but using the "Skeleton" theme from Hybrid, which is somewhat like Starkers in that its stripped… of content and style.