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typically you would either, retrieve the page-slug and echo it as the body id, or if you want to keep it abit simpler/less specific a basic conditional statement using the likes of these functions:

if (is_home())
echo ‘homepage’;
else if (is_single())
echo ‘blogpost’;
else if (is_page_template(‘whatever.php’))
echo ‘whatever’;

etc (full listings of these can be found )

the idea is just to echo one of the values into the body id then use css specificity to set the ‘on’ state for each one

#menu li { off-state-for-all-links }

/* Highlighted state for each link only working when the correct id is inserted into the body */
#homepage #menu #homepagelink { css-for-on-state }
#blogpost #menu #bloglink { css-for-on-state }
#whatever #menu #whateverlink { css-for-on-state }

Something along those lines, you can do it in varying ways obviously, but I hope that was a decent example.

just for clarity im assuming html along the lines of :