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"BLUEBIRD" wrote:
I created a category.php, as I didn’t have one and pasted my single.php code into it.

Oh, I get it. That does make sense. Thanks for clarifying.

"BLUEBIRD" wrote:
Having said that, I don’t think I entirely understand the WordPress system yet.

Yea, it does have a learning curve. Thankfully you don’t need to know everything to make it work. Just the more you learn, the cooler stuff you can do. Just make sure you learn something new every day.

"BLUEBIRD" wrote:
This is the beginning for me. With a CMS, I mean.
I have been wondering whether I shouldn’t rather be spending my time learning DRUPAL.

Definitely start with WordPress. It’s about 1/6th the learning curve. Drupal is a great program, but is a "heavy-weight" IMHO. It’s fantastic for huge sites, ridiculous overkill for anything under 50 pages.