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Hi bob,

thanks for replying. i have submitted this question even in WordPress forum itself but no one dare to answer it. i am using wordpress for my blog and currently doing it on localhost as my development. for the exif summary, i am using this plugin which i dont know why the only working exif summary plugin i can find

from the plugin i notice it publish the exif summary by using this code:

add_filter('the_content', 'exsum_writeExifSummary', 10, 1 );

i am not an expert but i know some basic wordpress plugin code. i think the code means display the exif summary EXACTLY right after the content as its using the_content

my problem now, after the content before the comment box, i made a custom author box to display the information of the author of the post. My intention is to put the summary INSIDE the author box.

Anyone can help me?