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Well Brother thanks alot for your real check on the thing, other forum people they just come and give lectures on coding without seeing the thing first. I checked it in ietester it was giving the same non rounded corner result as in my windows 7 ie9. Well the strange thing is that when you check it is shown in rounded corners but when you see the betaversion of it, it shows it in non rounded corners to me.

But when you said that it is rounded for you, then i went to browserlab by adobe and after using it for ie9 i saw in screen shot it was having rounded corners as you mentioned ^_^

Well it has happened with me before, when i was using lightbox stuff and it was not working for me in ie9 I though i am in deep shit while again it was only for me, i think there is some installation issue with my IE 9 or something else :P
btw that time a good person like you from romania came to skype and helped me out by telling that it looked fine for him.

On the foot note:
Why didn’t i used browserlab by adobe at first instead of teasing everyone, well i actually forgot that i have its 1 year free trial :P 2nd reason is that i am in Afghanistan and i have internet speed of 20KBps so you can’t expect me to use flash stuff alot :D

If i am afghan and i am accountant it doesn’t mean i can’t become a good site developer ^_^
thanks again for your help, it is hard to find good people like you in forums.