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Most of my experience is on PCs (and on other platforms like Sun, IBM, HP & DataGeneral) and I’m not that familiar with Macs.

As I get more serious about the design / Internet services side of my business I’m seriously thinking about switching to Mac. Lots of Mac only software, familiar Unix command line and overall reliability and ease of use are the main factors in the decision (plus they look damn cool).

So, Mac afficionados, I was wondering if something like this ( … MjE0NjI4NQ) can run Adobe CS4 comfortably, or whether I would need to go for more RAM / HD. I know it’s a small screen, but money is tight as I’m still in the process of starting up so trying to determine if I would be better off waiting till I have more cash to spend. Also, Snow Leopard is due in September so am considering postponing until then :-)