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Wow, I can’t believe so many people are so biased towards em.

Now with rem, it’s no different than px.

If you set it to:

html {

It’s exactly the same, but you move the decimal one place to the left, 12px = 1.2em.
With rem, you don’t have to worry about context vs target relationship, but still get the advantages of em. Use some media queries and it’s like zooming in and out on photoshop. Your designs will scale with ease, otherwise you’d have to write a media query that re-establishes every class/element/id that you specified a font-size in px with to achieve the same result. What sounds more logical?

Just build your site out with px, then go through and convert it to rem/em.
Same with percentages. Figure out your target/context relationships and it will be scalable all of a sudden.

The whole beef with this is simply ignorance or the unwillingness to do something in a different way than you are used to.

I’m just getting into it myself, but fundamentally, it makes sense with the variance in viewing sizes nowadays.

As someone that develops as well as designs, I’m constantly getting hit with new ways to do stuff… OOP vs. procedural, new “hipper” languages, etc., so having to start from square one happens a lot.
Whereas, as a designer you can get stuck in your groove and the world will blow past you.

Responsive design is the way things will be from now on, so get used to it and be smart and learn it as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone possibly a decade younger than you will snatch your job/contracts from you and you’ll be eating fish heads and rice.