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I’ve done plenty of responsive sites and still don’t see the benefit of using EMs.

I set grid measurements in % and use PX for typography, and it works out splendidly – responsive and scalable across all devices while maintaining vertical rhythm.

As opposed to my experience with EMs, which always ended in disaster. First I’d have to do a lot of math converting PX to EMs and would end up with crazy numbers like:

li { font-size: 0.75em; line-height: 1.333333333333333em; }

And then there’s the compounding issue – any child element of that list is no longer 12px, it’s 9px! Now I’d have to write extra code to reset every nested element on the entire site. And if at some point client nested things incorrectly in WYSIWYG of CMS, the layout would break.

So, to keep my job (and sanity) I’m sticking with pixels.