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I test in Chrome, Safari (even though they are both built on the webkit engine), firefox (3.6 and 3.4 just to be safe), IE 7-9 (stopped developing for IE6. I make sure it works in 6, but don’t ever fix things just for 6) using IEtester on my windows machine.

That’s about it. As long as I’m sure it works in all of those ( minus IE 6 ), then I’m happy. Also, if I really care or the client has asked, I will do a mobile web version for the iPhone and iPad (which usually translates to the Droid browser, but I don’t claim to develop for ANY Droid web browser as there are too many to test on, don’t get me started on that)

Here’s a pie chart with all of the different types of droid releases. I know not all of these have different browsers, but I don’t want to find out which ones run what.