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O.k, so I managed to finally see the footer take place. Still having a problem with getting the image to appear though. I’ve tested it by using color instead and that comes up fine and I can clearly see a footer now, so that’s good. But still no image will appear that I saved.

I’m guessing this has something to do with this error.

Parse Error (images/footer.jpg);

I don’t know what the issue is with this. The error is kind of vague for a noob like me.

I’m going through the validator and cleaning it up like you suggest. But there some things I’m a little confused about that brings up errors.

I’m told that ul does not belong possibly because I have inline elements with block elements. But if a UL is a block element, and anchor tag is a inline element, than how do we make lists into links? I guess I’m confused on why I cant have lists with an a tag, putting a tags with lists seem to be a common thing on the web, so what exactly do they mean by the error.

Error: element ul not allowed here; possible cause is an inline element containing a block-level element

Also I get a lot of errors for webkit radius, shadow box, ect. Are these newer properties that come out as errors and should they be ignored?

You mentioned eliminating margins, but it’s those margins I used that allowed me to put my layout together where I want certain things. I tried many different properties and this seemed to of what worked. Taking out all these will surely mess it all up. But if there is an easier way of doing it perhaps I should.

Thanks to those who have helped.