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Thanks everybody, for the great replies to this. I relate to the author in that I too just finished school and am looking for work. I studied graphic design online with an emphasis on web and print design. The only thing I have to add to this, and is something a friend told me. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer and look at your portfolio through their eyes. A graphic piece without a live demo could be fine, or it could hurt you. I think it all depends on your surrounding site and how you ultimately present your content, and yourself if you get an interview and a chance to present your work. Employers are seeking workers to do tasks they need help with. Show them how you can accomplish what they need, plus how you can add other valuables to the company. Things like a positive personality, honesty, and other traits of a genuine person can go a long way. If you’re like me, you don’t have much experience freelance-wise to accentuate your resume, so try to take other aspects of your life and relate it to your career path. How can skills you picked up somewhere else directly (or even indirectly) benefit you and the work you will produce for whatever company/client you are looking to work for.

I will be looking forward to other people’s comments to akurtula’s question. Thanks for being thought provoking and insightful everybody. Respects.