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Whoo-hoo! Mac users galore! Me too! (Enough with the exclamation points already!)

Mac (at home):
Aptana/BBEdit (though I’m experimenting with Coda and TextMate)
Firebug, Web developer toolbar (I would be a lot slower without it)

Win (at work):
jEdit (just because of its customizable syntax highlighting plugin – we use HTML::Template perl Module so it’s a blessing (no perl-pun intended :D) to see all kinds of <TMPL_..> tags at once, each type (conditionals, loops, vars…) with its very own highlight style. Maybe there are other options for this, but I didn’t find them as for now)
Aptana (for everything that’s not HTML::Template’d)
Firebug, Web developer toolbar
Fireshot (FF plugin to take screenshots)

plus, the most browsers I can get my hands on, with a little help from a virtual machine running Ubuntu (at work and at home) and WinXP (at home).