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Rob MacKay

Don’t let pro-bono work be the rod they beat you with, sure its a good cause, but you need to eat…

Pro-Bono work needs to be planned in advance so you can do it around other paid client work, you cant let it take over your life. Its great to help out, and I am all for it, but you need to jump on top it not the other way round. He can not make demands of you, and he needs to know that. You have done more than your fair share, if anything he should get off his ass and start walkin! lol

Maybe you should have a meeting and talk to him about this, it seems you have been more than reasonable, and I wouldn’t blame you for shutting it all down, but he might not have picked that up – and most clients don’t know how much work actually goes into it – because its the magical interweb they think its all instant. Just make sure he understands…

Good luck!