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In the world of software, there’s a lot of grey areas. From the objective definitions of “intellectual property” to “fair use”, and the fact that a lot of software developers trust other people enough to say “you are free to use this as long as…..”.

It’s one thing to ask people to not remove the name of the author and trust people to grant that request.
It’s a whole different thing in reality. Plenty of people don’t care and just want to remove stuff they’re not supposed to.
And then it’s another different thing to do something about it when someone violates your license. Lawyers, different countries, etc.

I’d say, just make it standard, ask people not to remove the names of the authors and then let it go. Not everyone will do exactly what you ask, but that’s life.

If your product is going to have thousands and thousands of users, then it may be time to look into the more serious legal side of the story.