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joshuanhibbert: Ya know, I can understand where that would be a benefit as a team and why having a clear seperation like that would be definitely beneficial. Yea, I know I’m going to have to learn to change…. just really hate learning new stuff all the time. Wish we could just have one language and stick with it. I actually think if we could magically reinvent the internet and create a single language for everything it would be awesome. No more having tons of languages (java, .net, asp, html, php, ajax, etc). My personal opinion is I think eventually we (humans) are going to have to standardize somewhat on codebases that get used if we ever truly want to have a 100% working form of technology. That may sound crazy but honestly think about how many errors happen every day to the average user, whether it be in a browser or running an application. Those errors aren’t caused because of some capacitor just decided not to pass it’s charge on when the semiconductor gates open….nope, it’s almost always because of some kind of incompatibility in code and the application not knowing what to do. If we ever truly want a chance at perfection, we need to stop having 87 different kinds of programming languages. Otherwise you’ll get more fiasco’s like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray caused. Every company wants “their” product to be the standard and just like Apple & Microsoft, and they never want to share. I would love it if the free market could dictate the standard but history has shown us that when people are “free” to set those standards they rarely if ever get set.

Thanks to all of you who posted. Ciao.