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Chris Coyier

I don’t think I’ve ever done any real research on it, but it’s not a very common topic =) Most research shows that people really don’t mind vertical scrolling very much. Most input devices are very capable of it, and people expect it.

Also, vertical space is impeded upon by browser addons in a lot more agressive ways than horizontal space. I was just looking at my friends dad’s laptop the other day, a very normal non-techy user and I bet over 1/3 of his entire laptop screen was crap jammed on the top of internet explorer. Google toolbar, some flight checking toolbar, big buttons and icons, who knows what all. So let’s say you have 768 to begin with on an average-to-small laptop, you gotta chop off another 250 or so for browser junk add-ons… I’d say maybe as small as 500px if you really want to be "safe".