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Y’know, I think the thing that gets me in the most trouble is that I tend to agree to things in person or over the telephone without thinking about it, just being agreeable. Then I wonder how the heck I got myself into that situation. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m the professional here, and I don’t HAVE to agree to everything they throw at me.

Apparently an existing client thinks I’m available at his beck and call to write web copy for him, and that’s included in regular maintenance. Now I have to figure out how to tell him politely yet firmly that this is not, in fact, the case. My fault for not clarifying what I do and do not do as maintenance!

Another of my design weaknesses I just thought of earlier is that I often conceptualize the code of a site in my head as, or before, I design it in Photoshop. At first it doesn’t sound so bad, but I get sidetracked thinking to myself about how I’m going to get around some little (theoretical) detail that hasn’t even come up yet, when I should be bringing out design ideas in Photoshop. If that makes sense?