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My main flaw is communication. It’s something that I’m working on, but it was very noticeable on my last project. That’s a glaring problem that I HAVE to fix immediately.

My other main other weakness is procrastination. I was going to work on that this week, but haven’t gotten to it yet… :lol:

Besides those two huge ones, I need to work on polishing my designs. I have a weird tendency to notice all the littlest things after a design goes live, and keep picking at it. Maybe I’m the oxymoron of the day: a lazy perfectionist.

I don’t know nearly enough PHP. So far I’ve stuck to my strengths: semantic XHTML and CSS, but I really need to learn PHP in more depth than just syntax. Same goes for JavaScript.

I also tend to get sidetracked easily, and wind up spending hours perfecting something that isn’t really even needed. Verbosity is an issue sometimes, too. I should probably learn to express myself more simply.

Hell, I have way too many flaws to post here. :oops: