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"David R" wrote:
After getting my hands dirty with CSS, I’ve learned that there really aren’t that many bug fixes one needs to get a good looking CSS design in IE6. Sure, you may not be able to do everything that you want, but the amount of bug fixing that one needs to do really isn’t that much. It’s just a little bit of a learning curve.

Absolutely agree.
In fact, it is quite possible that a design with sensible css and markup will display the same (save some pixels maybe, but often this isn’t a problem) in IE, Gecko and Webkit browsers right from the start, without hacks.

Another myth I often find is the so-called "DIVitis", the habit of wrapping almost every element in divs, while best practice suggest (although obviously it depends on lots of factors) it would be better to style the sematically fitting elements, and not the wrapping div, to behave as we want them to.
Could this come from coders not being used to exploit the "display" values accordingly?

A good day to you all :)