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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Erm, where to start – STEVEN! (haha)

I admit that the homepage does need some work… i have been through a couple of different ideas and have not come up with something that i am 100% happy with. The current Homepage i am about 70% (ish..)

The images on the homepage are at the right size, not resized by inline CSS.


The text is just IMPACT, yes. So you are right, i could go ahead and change that to text only. My only concern is that different browsers render fonts differently and there would be slight changes from bowser to browser and i feel that for something that is essentially a Logo, it should remain consistent.

The drop down is a good point – the reason that they are not a set width is because some of the titles can be long, and i didnt want it going onto two lines. Ill have to think about that some more.

Loading the entire issue as one is something that i have thought about as an option for our viewers. However, it would take a LONG time as the issues are large and, as the name is the magazine suggests, it’s all about the photos! The ‘next page image loading’ was a feature that i added to try and help combat this, but unless the user is going from page to page (which a lot of our readers do!), it is useless.

Obviously, to keep going, we have to have the advertisements. I don’t want a reader to click one and be warned that they just clicked one and then have the option to change their mind – imagine putting that in our media pack?! I do see your point though… I guess it’s a case of once you have been to the magazine once, you know how it functions.

The same applies with the next and previous page links. On advanced browsers you can also browse with the left and right keys. But, it does need to be more obvious. The whole idea for the design is for the ‘web-stuff’ to be as un-intrusive as possible to try and retain a ‘mag-feel’. I have thought about an extra ‘next’ and ‘prev’ button in the top navigation bar, or a separate one up the top somewhere.

Quick feature to ‘Contents’ – good idea (so simple!? haha)

OniLinkCR – i am not entirely sure what you mean – could you elaborate?

Cheers guys!