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Honestly, I got bored after three pages because of the poor navigation, however I went back to it and thought I would try and give some constructive criticism.

You’ve not thought properly about navigation through the magazine itself, I had to navigate through 6 pages before I could even get to the Contents page. Once I’ve moved on past the Contents the only way to get back is by clicking and clicking and clicking….there needs to be a quick link to easily jump through sections.

Your linking is not consistent, on the contents page you have a query string on the end of links whilst throughout the magazine you are using search engine friendly links.

I want to be able to enter a page number in my URL after the magazine name and for it to be able to get to that page. Have the URL go /magazine-name/page-number/content-title, whereby the content title isn’t actually required and is just there for SEO purposes.

It’s a good start, but it needs to be much quicker otherwise you’ll lose the visitors interest before they’ve even got through 5 pages.

EDIT: Oh, and Google doesn’t look too kindly on the dark grey text on a black background in your footer. It can damage your ranking even if it doesn’t contain keywords because it’s illegible, ‘hidden’ text