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Hi Mark, not quite as positive – but some valuable stuff in there i would like to pick up on. I am sorry you got bored – probably not your cup of tea!

Navigation – There is navigation to all the key sections of the site. The green tab at the top shows ‘Quick links’ navigation, sharing options and also links to both the homepage and the cover of the issue you are browsing.

You will notice that there is advertisements inside the magazine and although it has nothing to do with the web-design and readability of the site, we are trying to give those companies maximum exposure. Without getting into the politics behind the site, we want to encourage people in this particular industry to look a little further and find new brands that they might not see in the bigger, print magazines.

So, although we want people to go to the sections the want to read, we like them to read all the way through and the stats for the website show that people are happy to do so and that they might not do it in one sitting, but come back and finish up.

The other point is that the website is not a conventional website with ‘normal’ navigation – this is to add the feel of a magazine whilst browsing.

The page-links might not be consistent because the writer is not a web guy – but that is a valid point and one that i will pick up on!

Your point on Google is a good one and something that i will look into immediately.