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@infocentre – I’m afraid that nothing I could say would lead to improvement on your site. Did you read the “Elements of Content Strategy” book? Its a one-day read. Did you seriously consider screen resolution or how a grid system may play into your web-magazine? Have you reconsidered your content strategy in regards to ad placement and navigation structure? Other members have also given valuable advice.

The point I’m trying to get across is that you’ve been given valuable feedback, but aren’t willing to accept it. It’s not like I didn’t compliment you off the bat;

“Your magazines look cool, and they seem to have relevant content (kick ass content actually).”

I’m giving you fundamental advice because thats what you need. You’re wasting time if you start moving buttons around or changing fonts. I think you understand this on some level since you’ve indicated that developing an app is something you’re interested in, yet not ready to pursue… and I agree. The current experience is not a good one, and the base product is not ready to scale.

Changes need to happen on a strategic level (basics), and not on an operational level (details) (sorry, thats business speak). Leaders face the need for change and deconstruction all the time; but only great leaders can rise to meet it.

So what are you doing right now. What are your priorities? I’d love to help you meet those goals in a realistic way. Don’t understand grid systems? Ask. Don’t understand the difference between legibility/readability and how it relates to the web? Again, just ask.

Another issue with navigation: the icons in the upper-left ribbon nav don’t really indicate any type of functionality. I see a shape, a square, and a plus. I don’t think “this takes me home, this takes me to the cover, and this lets me share with friends.” I also believe that the difference between “this takes me home” and “this takes me to the cover” is unclear.